As pathetic as it sounds Taylor is the only constant in my life at the moment and I’m incredibly thankful for her and everything she does on a daily basis.

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"When you say you don’t support feminism you’re kind of saying you want men to have more rights than women."
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  • someone: let's be friends!!!
  • me: yes okay i like that idea!!!
  • we never speak again


me at uni: *does no work for 4 hours*

me at uni: well I’m here and that’s the important thing

me at uni: *goes home*

me at home: what a productive day

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4 days ago

Found out the cafe below my flat has wifi so this is basically going to be my new home until my internet gets installed.  

4 days ago


do you know how amazing taylor swift is?? she literally made a shirt for a specific joke on a specific social media site full of her fan and she wore it KNOWING that nobody else would get it and she wore it KNOWING that we would and that we would love it!! SHE MADE, BOUGHT, AND WORE A SHIRT THAT REFERENCES FRICKIN BECKY FOR US AND IF THAT ISNT LOVE I DONT KNOW WHAT IS

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